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Practicality of fan lights
Addtime: 2022-06-14

Fan lamp is a relatively new and more popular lighting, which can be used as both a lighting tool and a fan. It sounds very convenient and easy to use, but is it true? However, I believe that many friends are not very familiar with fan lights like Xiaoliang. So let's follow the magic power editor to learn about the fan lamp!

1. Decorate well

In terms of appearance, it is more fashionable and avant-garde and has a unique shape. It contains both lamps and electric fans. If it is arranged in the living room or dining room, it can give people a refreshing feeling.

Fan lights come in a variety of colors and styles, including fashionable Italian style, classical European style, luxurious Roman style, and Chinese classical cultural style.

Modern minimalist style and antique ceiling fan lights are popular now. We can choose the appropriate fan lights according to the decoration style of our house, so that we can achieve better decoration design effect!

fan light manufacturer

fan light manufacturer

2. Strong practicability

This kind of lighting has strong practicability and can play a dual-purpose effect. Now many fan lights can not only illuminate, but also can be used as a fan to create cool air. Its cold air is higher than that of an air conditioner. If the indoor temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, a chandelier fan can completely cool down and drive heat. It is understood that one air conditioner is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 20 ceiling fans. If the ceiling fan is used in conjunction with the air conditioner, it can effectively reduce the load of the air conditioner, make the temperature difference less large, and improve the comfort.

3. Does not occupy space

Since it is a combination of lighting, usually the fan is on the top and the lighting is on the bottom, which can effectively reduce the space occupied. And the fans and lamps are controlled separately, we can use them separately.

Generally speaking, most of the fan lights are made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, which will not produce a lot of noise during use. Compared with ordinary fans, its sound is much smaller. If it is a wooden blade, it is safer to use. Many fan lights now have a sleep timer function, which is very suitable for use at night.

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