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Fan light installation method and height
Addtime: 2022-03-20

When summer rolls around, I'm sure many homes still use ceiling fans, especially in the South, so they combine lighting and cooling. If you want to install a fan light in your home, remind everyone that the height of the space must be high enough, otherwise it may be dangerous. Let's take a look at the installation method and height of the fan light.

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First, the installation method of ceiling fan lights

1. Put the ball into one end of the boom and hang it up.

2. Route the motor wires through the cup and boom. Be careful not to pull the cord.

3. Insert the derrick into the motor top sleeve, rotate and align the holes, and insert the bolts. Be careful not to damage or pinch the power cord during this process. Bend the legs of the latch to prevent them from falling out.

4. Connect the bracket and the derrick to the motor through the fixing screws on the side of the derrick, and assemble them firmly. Some ceiling fans use two screws, so be sure to tighten the screws.

5. Insert the ball head into the hanger with the protruding side facing the hanger opening and into the inner groove.

6. After secure connection, put the wire into the junction box and carefully check that the protrusion on the hanger does not fall into the ball groove. Push the hanging cup upwards, and use the screws to attach the bracket to the hanging cup.

Fan light installation height

If the height is less than 2.6 meters, it is not suitable to install ceiling fan lights, generally, ceiling fan lights should be installed, and the clear height of the ground should not be less than 2.9 meters.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the correct steps for fan lamp installation, and I hope to help everyone. The installation process of the fan light is very simple, and the user can install it by himself. At the same time, remind everyone to pay attention to installation safety, and turn off the power before and after installation. be careful. Fan lamp manufacturer Magic Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional team integrating design, research and development, production and marketing. Its products include decorative ceiling fans, lighting, household appliances and hardware accessories processing. If you have any related questions, please contact us.

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